Thompson Beach Progress Association

Originally named the Thompson Beach Ratepayers Association, the Progress Association was formed to organise and fundraise activities of all types in the area. The Association carries out projects of benefit to the community and represents the interests of the residents and ratepayers of Thompson Beach.


All residents and ratepayers of Thompson Beach are invited to be members of the Association. We have approximately 40 members, representing a significant percentage of the population and whose various interests represent a good cross-section of the community

Membership costs $10 a year per person. A membership form can be downloaded here.

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Our monthly Association meetings are open to any resident/ratepayer to attend and contribute. Meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month at  10am at the Community Hall on Ruskin Road. Check the Community Hall noticeboard for confirmation of the upcoming meeting time and date.

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The current committee consists of:

  • Chairperson – Geoff Hawes
  • Secretary – Maxine Mills
  • Asst. Secretary – John Mills
  • Treasurer – Nicole Murphy
  • Asst. Treasurer – Graham West
  • Val West
  • Jill Werner
  • Steve Jones
  • Ian Telfer
  • Ian Murphy
  • Ken Wade

Community Hall Manager – Ian Murphy

If you wish to contact a member of the committee, you can do so here.

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Community Hall

Central to the Association’s activities is the  Community Hall, which as well as being its meeting place, hosts all kinds of events for local and visiting groups.

Built in 2013, the Community Hall is a spacious and comfortable area, featuring air-conditioning, seating and tables, a full kitchen and other amenities.

The Community Hall is located on Ruskin Road on the left-hand side as you enter Thompson Beach. The large noticeboard out front details upcoming events and regular activities, which can also be viewed here, or on our events page.

Interesting in hiring use of the Community Hall for your event or function? Learn more here.

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Sausage Sizzles

An important fundraising activity for the Association are our sausage sizzles that are held on a fortnightly basis, usually in Dublin. Drop by and grab a sizzling snag or a tasty steak sandwich. By the way, we’re always on the lookout for volunteers!

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In The Community

As well as advocating on behalf of the community at a local and state government level, the Thompson Beach Progress Association also takes a hands-on approach around the community. Some of its activities include:

  • Roadside and beach path vegetation management
  • Cleanups (e.g. Clean Up Australia Day)
  • Tree planting
  • Shorebirds Newsletter

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Have a question about the Association? Contact us here.

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