The Thompson Pterodactyl

Now being around 5,000 years old I’ve seen the odd Christmas ‘do’ come and go at Thompson Beach. I was watching when that delinquent gang of triceratops from Dublin kept chasing Santa and stopped him from landing here.

I can also remember when the Progress Association under Norm began holding Xmas functions for residents.

But none so far has outdone the 2018 Christmas Luncheon held at the Thompson Shed, and it’s all because of the Christmas spirit where everybody got involved to contribute to the outcome. It really was a happening to behold.

We had so many residents offering to bring something to add to the occasion. So many people jumped up to help with food distribution. We had newbies getting involved with on-going washing up, so the kitchen could run like clockwork. And of course we had our people working the BBQ. For the entire event all you could hear was ‘Can i help?’

The contribution from everyone was what made the day turn out the way it did.

Mentioning just a few, and sorry to anyone i’ve missed; we had baked snapper and also prawn dishes thanks to Craig, and salads from Margie. We had a mountain of freshly wokked Thai fried rice from Julia. Judy Attick came in on the Saturday to arrange the building, even though she couldn’t make the luncheon. Thanks to the army that helped revert it all back after the ‘do’ as well

Thank you very much to Lyn who spent the entire week cajoling this belligerent old leather skin into doing things properly.

Going forward; this style of event is great for the spirit of Thompson Beach. That spirit is what can drive us forward. There is so much talk about extensions and improvements.

There will be extensions to the building, and changes for the better to our operating capabilities and procedures. The major contributor will be this unconditional, selfless involvement from everyone concerned.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Thompson Pteredactyl