Thompson Pteredactyl – June 2019

The Thompson Pterodactyl

When you’re 5,000 years old you’re bound to have had some unfortunate physical altercations at different stages over the years. There was a giant lizard once that grabbed my leg and twisted, resulting in a knee replacement. Then there was that native canoe that was being driven so irresponsibly; crashed into the same leg causing a requirement for a permanent internal splint above the fake knee. These days they use surgical stainless steel. In my day the prosthetics were made out of rock.

Anyway I went to land the other week after a night of fishing, and with the eyesight being 5,000 years old also, I misjudged some water on the surface, slipped, twisted my pelvis, and ended up in the veterinary hospital. Now I will say that the herbs and minerals they administer now for pain relief are far superior to the leeches they applied back in the day.

Luckily there was no serious damage this time and I was allowed to come home with a pocketful of the aforementioned herbs and minerals. Shout out to the good people at Gawler Hospital.

The huge event that is already underway around our coast at the moment is the Big Rissole Challenge, taking place at the Shed at Thompson on selected Friday nights.

The eventual winner is to be crowned King Rissole for 2019, and so far we’ve had contestants from Thompson,- Judy A, Pt Parham- Kath, and Webb Beach’s Val, and one other old bloke from Thompson, who claims to make ‘one arm’ rissoles (??). Our own Fiona also wants to add an international flavour by participating with her German rissole recipe which she assures us will win hands down.

What started out as a small conflict of opinion over that very important topic of ‘Who makes the best rissoles’, has turned into a contest of epic proportions. I believe there is at least one sheep station on the line.

So if you think you can knock together a half- reasonable rissole, please let someone from Thompson know and we’ll factor you in. With the amount of interest shown so far this could take a while to resolve. As always the decision will be made by acclaim and I did hear somewhere that money has been mentioned for favourable votes.

I personally chimed in from the get go by suggesting that all meatballs be made of fish. I was immediately shouted down by a group of surly individuals who also thought the title could possibly be ‘Queen’ Rissole. When they were told by the organiser that there’ll only be one award, and that was King Rissole, there was almost a riot.

Dinner for just $5 is available 6pm at the Thompson Shed. Look to the notice board for details every week.

Be kind to yourselves,