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Thai Chi in Thompson Beach

One of the main attractions of tai chi for people who are older than 40 is that it combines with equilibrium to help prevent falls, by strengthening the lower half of the body and promoting better balance.

As we know, equilibrium deteriorates substantially as we age, so by exercising the lower body in particular and entire body in general, we can both help prevent falls and compensate for when we over-balance.

We’ve all heard the unbelievable statistics about how people over age 55 have a 60% probability of a fall requiring hospitalisation. To help reduce the incidence of falls, we can participate in exercises such as tai chi, yoga, and in the case of our Samphire club, Walking Qui Gong.

Walking Qui Gong specifically targets reduction in falls, while partaking of holistic exercise and enjoying the company of like-minded people.

Stephanie Watson, Executive Editor of Harvard Women’s Health Watch, provides some terrific advice in her article ‘Tai Chi to Improve Balance and Avoid Falls‘ that is well worth a read.

The Samphire Coast tai chi club meets alternatively at Port Parham and Thompson Beach (at The Shed) on Tuesday evenings.

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