The Samphire Spring Carnival

Once again the place to be for the running of the Melbourne Cup was the Thompson Beach Community Shed.

Repeatedly popular in the area, the Progress Association once again hosted the Dublin Senior Citz bingo group, who normally meet at Parham. They held their usual Tuesday bingo session, this time in the morning at Thompson, then followed on for the luncheon and the running of the Cup.

Notorious for their ‘ratbag’ element the Senior Citz dressed for the occasion and made a point of indulging themselves in the activities of the day.  Including Thompson Beach members there was some 40 odd in attendance.

The luncheon was extremely well received. with our own ‘Guru of the BBQ’, Jeff Thomas, putting on the bbq chicken steaks and salad, and the ladies representing magnificently with fruit salad and ice cream.

The sweeps went over a million, (not dollars). Run by our famous Swiss banker, Jacqui Koerner, the $1, $2, and five dollar sweeps ran like clockwork.  Big winners on the day were Brian Aldhouse and Val Coady.

Undoubtably the biggest activity of the day, even overshadowing the race itself, was the best hat, or Fascinator, competition.  Now i will say that the competition coordinator thought he’d been dudded two years in a row, this time with his much researched Korean ceremonial chapeaux.

But there was no denying the winner; Thompson’s Maxine Mills won by overwhelming acclaim.  Special mention goes to Parham’s Raelene and Lola who dressed up in jockey attire to go with their hats.

Special thanks to Bev and everyone who helped on the day. These functions could never be as successful without the help of everyone who gets involved.

Hoping to have more good functions as we go.

The Thompson Pteredactyl