Another Successful Planting Day At Thompson Beach

Planting day - Thompson Beach

Another round of planting took place at the northern end of Thompson Beach on Tuesday, July 21.

The revegetation work occurred in the same general area as in June – at the southern end of the northern walking trail. Approximately 270 seedlings were planted during the 3 hour activity.

There are now close to 900 native seedlings planted in this area – so fingers crossed for sufficient rain to help the plants establish before the dry season.

Working with Coastal Conversation Officer Warrick Barnes, Friends of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) volunteers were again involved with this revegetation effort. FAIBS does a huge amount of clean-up and rehabilitation work throughout the Park area.

The seedlings were raised by volunteers at the Two Wells Community Nursery, a collaborative project between Adelaide Plains Council and Two Wells Lions Club.

Thanks to Community Nursery volunteers for nurturing the plants until they were ready for their Thompson Beach debut, and for Trees For Life’s role in supply of seed, materials and advice.

Here’s some further information on the day from FAIBS: