Message From Mayor Wasley

Adelaide Plains Council Mayor Mark Wasley

Mayor Mark Wasley has shared the following message with the community of Adelaide Plains Council.

From the Mayor

Hello everyone. February has been busy with most people back at work and the school terms have begun. Councillors have also been busy with many information briefings, lots of in depth reports and quite a bit to deal with. As the Council moves towards considering the next financial years’ works program and budget, a tour of the district for Councillors was organised to see first hand and put things in perspective.

Last week the CEO, Deputy Mayor and myself were invited to attend a meeting of the Two Wells Regional Action Team and to hear their concerns and hopes for the short and long term of the district. It was a very informative and productive meeting for all who attended with good links established with another of the many local community groups across the district.

I was at the Port Parham Annual Strawberry Fete on Sunday 24th Feb for most of the day and enjoyed chatting with local residents and stall holders from all around the area. Hearing views about all manner of things from a varied group of people is most enlightening! One of our colourful local identities conducted an informal and popular auction which raised a good sum of money for charity and hats off to the cooks -the best fish and chips and even better strawberries and ice cream!