Go-Go The Godwit Spotted At Thompson Beach?

Go-Go - Bar Tailed Godwit

What is arguably the world’s most famous Godwit may have been seen at Thompson Beach recently.

The Advertiser has published a photo what is assumed to be Go-Go, a Bar-tailed Godwit, as he gets ready for another long migratory journey.

In June last year, Go-Go was sighted in China after being missing in action for several years.

Facebook user Grey Plover says the male bar-tailed godwit, formally known as AKK, was originally banded as a two-year-old at Thompson Beach in November 2012. The photo above was taken by David Donovan on March 10 (congratulations on your “scoop” pic David!).

BirdLife Australia states Bar-tailed Godwits hold the world record for non-stop flight – traveling 11,000km from Alaska to New Zealand in just 8 days.

Here in Australia, the Bar-tailed Godwit is federally listed as critically endangered (subspecies menzbieri) and vulnerable (subspecies baueri)

Go-Go and his buddies are currently preparing for their annual trip to China, Russia and then onto nesting grounds in the Arctic.

Godspeed to you Go-Go and Co.!

The presence of threatened species such as the Bar-Tailed Godwit at Thompson Beach is another very good reason we need to treat the area with respect. Tread lightly at Thompson!