TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – February/March 2020

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of subcommittee activities and related news since the February TBPA meeting.

– The Thompson Beach Clean Up Australia Day event was held on March 1, with volunteers again doing a wonderful job. Multiple sacks worth of rubbish were removed from around the township along with larger items including tires. A news item was published on the TBPA web site and on the TB Facebook page thanking all involved.

– While on the topic of clean-ups, an upcoming potential project is the removal of the remains of a very old tow truck abandoned on the beach at the northern end many years ago.

– A significant dumping incident in the dune area between the Park entrance and crossing occurred in late February. The rubbish was picked up and NPWS notified.

– Boggings have continued – among the incidents, a vehicle and a jinker were apparently bogged for hours towards the southern end of Thompson Beach on the 17th of February.

– The Department of Defence was approached regarding the availability of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or its intention to perform an EIS re: Proof Range activities. We’ve been informed a formal FOI request will be required to access related information (if any).

– Upcoming enviro events at Thompson Beach include Birds n’ Bickies on the 14th of March (Birdlife), Shorebirds ID and Dune Cleanup on the 15th (FAIBS) and Morning with Shorebirds and Mudflat Blitz on the 28th (AMLR NRM). Details of all these events are on the TBPA web site.

– Tony Flaherty, Manager, Coast and Marine AMLR NRM, has very kindly offered to provide TBPA with shorebird or other local wildlife profiles for TBPA newsletters.

– Council has requested feedback on how to better manage rubbish and littering .

– It has been noted Council is now controlling roadside weeds using extended grader blade instead of the past practice of regular herbicide application.

– The moving of rocks in the channel at the crossing and camping in the Park area continue to occur. NPWS aware.

– The CFS Bushfire Awareness community meeting was held on the 8th. While there were only a dozen registrations, 32 people attended – a fantastic result.

– Various irresponsible driving incidents and illegal use of motorbikes and quads in the town, beach and Park areas were witnessed during the period, per usual. SAPOL has reminded us it is important that such incidents are reported to SAPOL on 131 444 or via the TrafficWatch app to give authorities a better indication of related activity in the town. Incidents in the Park should be reported to NPWS.