TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – January/February 2020

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of committee activities and related news since the January 2020 TBPA meeting.

– Implementation of the APC’s Draft By-Law No 6 – Motor Cycle Amenity that would have provided additional protection to beaches and other sensitive areas failed at Council vote after a recommendation that it shouldn’t be approved.

– There was a discussion on the TB Facebook group regarding waste collection issues and rubbish generally, both in relation to visitors and residents. It appears weekly household collections aren’t viable, but there is a push for more bins in the car parking areas and weekly collections of those during the busy months, which is being led by Parham and District Action Group (PADAG).

– Sharon C. organised a meeting with representatives from local coastal communities at the request of Councillor John Lush in late January – what was the first “Coalition of Coastal Communities” meeting. It appears Council has big, but as yet unspecified plans for tourism in the area. There was a consensus from all community representatives attending that signage, toilet, waste and parking facilities are a priority. The next meeting is February 26th.

– Only very limited information from APC re: Proof Range presentation and subsequent discussion on the 28th of January has been provided at this point.

– Ongoing quad and dirt bike issues during the period, including dirt bike use in Park area at night on multiple occasions. Speeding and other dangerous driving on TB roads and beaches also remain a problem. Various agencies notified and a more detailed submission is being prepared on the issues generally.

– NPWS and Police presence was requested over the Australia Day long weekend given the issues that have occurred in the past. NPWS attended, but it’s unclear if there was a SAPOL presence.

– There have been further occurrences of camping in Park area during the period. NPWS aware.

– Soiled toilet paper and wipes continue to be found in the Park area on a regular basis, some of this waste related to campers. NPWS aware.

– Rocks placed at the crossing to impede vehicles continue to be moved. An NPWS sign forbidding vehicle access north of the crossing was also stolen sometime between the 26th and 31st of January, along with its droppers. NPWS informed.

– A new sign was installed by NPWS on February 1 and rocks moved back into position. On the afternoon of the 7th of February, the sign was again removed and dumped in vegetation nearby (possible culprits noted). The sign was put back into position on the morning of the 8th. Although damaged, it’s still serviceable. NPWS informed.

This is sixth time signage has been stolen, removed or damaged in the Park area at the northern end of Thompson Beach since July last year.

– Bogging incidents continue to occur in crossing area, most recently last week, sometime between Sunday morning and Friday morning.

– Fence was again cut at the old quarry. Repaired by NPWS.