TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – December/January 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of committee activities and related news since the November 2019 Thompson Beach Progress Association meeting.

– Boulders placed in the channel of the crossing by NPWS to prevent vehicles travelling further north continue to be moved and multiple parties have subsequently driven to Bakers Creek, also ignoring the sign forbidding access. NPWS notified.

– There have been at least 5 bogging incidents at the crossing in the last month (NPWS notified) and other similar incidents on the beach/flats in front of the township.

– Significant damage is continuing to occur at the crossing area through bogging and general vehicle activity. NPWS notified.

– Ongoing illegal quad and dirt bike use during the period. Speeding and other dangerous driving on TB roads and beaches also remain a problem. Various agencies notified and a formal letter to multiple agencies requesting assistance/action in dealing with the issues is to be drafted.

– The remnants of a recent campfire were found at Bakers Creek – and it appears mangrove was being burned. NPWS notified.

– Soiled wipes and toilet paper continue to be found in the northern Park area. NPWS notified. General littering has increased since the start of the holidays.

– On December 22, four unloaded horse floats were sighted at the Southern end of Thompson Beach. Council notified along with a request for a copy of the relevant policy and signage.

– TBPA raised concerns with Council regarding the risk factors and potential consequences of bushfire at Thompson Beach, along with suggested initial measures. Council was also asked if there was a Fire Management Plan in place for the local area, and if not, what steps were being taken to rectify this.

Related: The Parks SA web site notes: “This park is closed on days of Catastrophic Fire Danger and may also be closed on days of Extreme Fire Danger.” However, there didn’t appear to be any signage indicating closure at Thompson Beach on the catastrophic fire rating day in December. Multiple vehicles were seen accessing Park area via the beach ramp at the northern end and at least one travelled to Bakers Creek. NPWS notified.

– The Parks SA web site now notes camping is not permitted in the Park. This means the entire Thompson Beach area is now off-limits for camping. Signage and enforcement are needed to indicate this as camping continues to occur; as recently as last weekend.

– NPWS has again replaced a gate at the old quarry – temporary wiring was used prior, which was then cut by unknown parties.

– NRM Education has launched a virtual tour of the Park area with one of the key locations being Thompson Beach. It has been designed primarily as an educational resource for environment related studies. https://roundme.com/tour/325545/view/1116402/

– The TBPA strategic plan, which includes an environmental aspect, is continuing to be developed.