TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – November/December 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of committee activities and related news since the November 2019 Thompson Beach Progress Association meeting.

– Sharon Clues has rejoined the TBPA as Secretary and resumes her place on the Environment Subcommittee. Welcome back, Sharon.

– Concerns were raised with NPWS and other parties concerning ADF artillery activity in the Gulf in relation to its impact on migratory shorebirds and other species in the AIBS region. It appears an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has not been developed for the activity.

– Concerns were also raised with various agencies regarding bushfire threat mitigation given the amount of dry vegetation in the Park and dune conservation area.

– Quad, motorbike and other problematic vehicle activity continue to be significant issues in the Park area and continue to be reported to NPWS. In one incident, Police were also called (didn’t attend).

– One of the boulders placed in the channel at the crossing to prevent vehicle access was pushed over “the falls” and cannot be put back into position. NPWS informed. There has also been further channel erosion in the last month.

– Erik Dahl (NPWS) said last month more/new NPWS information and directive signs re: Park could be in place before Christmas – including signage directing dogs must be kept on leash.

– Steve Jones wishes to organise a tour of the Red Hill area with Erik Dahl, to determine potential for rehabilitation.

– Erik has expressed an interest in attending the January TBPA meeting – attendance and matters for discussion TBC.

– Council determined placement of the 40 speed limit sign between the Ruskin Road intersection and the northern end of The Esplanade (heading north) was not optimal. It was subsequently relocated from just inside the dune conservation zone area slightly north and beside the road where it is more noticeable from a greater distance.

– Steve P., Steve J. and Ian T. attended a meeting with Ben Cunningham (APC) on November 28 to discuss the APC Strategic Plan 2020-24. The main focus of the discussion were environmental issues and suggestions were well-received. Thanks to Sharon C. for her efforts in meeting preparation.

– Another sleepy lizard (shingleback) reportedly became caught in the dune conservation zone fence last month and died. While the fence is a very important protection, there have been a number of reports of reptile deaths, so further thought should be given to mitigation of the threat posed.

– APC commenced a public notification period on a proposed by-law (Motor Cycle Amenity By-law 2019) banning the use of motorcycles/quads on local government land (excluding roads), and on private land without consent of neighbours. Submissions closed on Wednesday 11 December 2019.

– The RSPCA has released its cat management plan for South Australia. It places more emphasis on the role of councils in addressing issues related to owned, semi-owned and unowned cats, but has little content relating to feral cats.