TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – October/November 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of committee activities and related news since the October Thompson Beach Progress Association meeting.


Bollards were installed at the northern end of The Esplanade at the Park entrance by National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) on the 12th of October – there will be more to come.

On a related note, NPWS is chasing a prosecution for damage caused to vegetation in that location by a group of campers a few weeks back.

During early November, rocks already in place at the crossing were relocated through work authorised by NPWS. Some of the larger rocks were placed in the channel and others further back along the closed Northern Vehicle Track (NVT) due to ongoing erosion at their original location and continued vehicle intrusion on the NVT.

Some rocks at the barrier at the northern end of The Esplanade were also relocated with view to creating a more effective deterrent.

There have been repairs carried out to a downed section of fence on the NVT between the crossing and Bakers.

The issues of feral/abandoned/stray cats and camping were raised with a number of agencies including NPWS in October. On the topic of cats, as previously noted, NPWS has offered to purchase cage traps, but any program needs to be community-driven, have appropriate guidelines and Council should also play a role in assisting such a program.

Erik Dahl (NPWS) has expressed an interest in attending a TBPA meeting to discuss various issues, including cat management and “no camping” signs proposed for within the town’s boundaries.

There has been an increasing incidence of soiled toilet paper and wipes being found at the northern end, including around the picnic table. Signage indicating toilet locations at Thompson to be placed at the northern Park entrance is still a work in progress.

Ongoing issues related to use of the park area including irresponsible/dangerous driving behavior continue to be reported to NPWS.

Issues Requiring Discussion

Spread of Calomba Daisy, in particular along Ruskin Road. Current Council spraying efforts have been ineffective and may exacerbate spread.

Red Hill rehabilitation – a plan should be formulated in discussion with NPWS for next season planting and ongoing care.

FAIBS Birding Event A Success

FAIBS held their “Welcome To Waders” event last month, which was well attended. TBPA assisted with promotion via the TBPA web site.

Adelaide Shorebird & Dolphin Festival

The Adelaide Shorebird & Dolphin Festival kicked off at the beginning of the month. A news item was added to the TBPA website mentioning a couple of events to be held in Thompson Beach as part of the Festival.

SA Blue Carbon Strategy

The State Government released its “Blue Carbon Strategy” on November 8, which aims to help in the battle against climate change through protecting seagrass meadows, saltmarshes and mangroves. This may provide some opportunities for Thompson Beach; for example, through the linking of coastal restoration to carbon markets – businesses could earn carbon credits from such activity.