TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – September/October 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of committee activities and related news since the September Thompson Beach Progress Association meeting.


A number of contacts with Council were made over the period, including a request for highly visible signage be put in place to indicate off-road vehicle activity is not welcome in Thompson Beach. Other contacts included a request to remove a dead kangaroo from the side of Ruskin. On a related note, Council was informed of a technology involving kangaroo warning signs with flashing lights that are activated as cars approach.

Council has also been requested to development a management plan for the parking area just south of Dublin township that has been neglected.

Road Dust

Dust from The Esplanade poses a number of issues – environmental, health and property maintenance. Enquiries were made regarding an environmentally friendly dust suppression product, but this appears to be quite expensive. Traffic calming strategies may be more viable, bearing in mind speeding drivers create the most dust. Road surface alternatives should also continue to be pursued.

Visitor Pressures

With the crabbing season and warmer weather here, visitor numbers are increasing – and so is abuse of the Park and town; including hoon driving, speeding, damage to dune areas and vegetation, campfires, dirt bikes and quads, dogs off-leash – and the list goes on.

Incidents need to be reported to the relevant authorities (e.g. Council, SAPOL, DEW, Fishwatch) so these agencies have a clearer picture of the scale of the issues in Thompson and hopefully this will result in appropriate resources being deployed.

Traffic Watch App And Online Form

SA Police have released a Traffic Watch app and online form for reporting traffic related incidents when they are non-urgent and do not require police attendance. This is already being used by some Thompson Beach residents. Search for “traffic watch” on SAPOL’s web site for further details.


Incidents in the Park continue to be reported to DEW on a regular basis.

DEW says bollards are on order for the northern end of The Esplanade to address the breach that has occurred in vegetation leading onto the closed vehicle track and to help prevent further breaches. When these will be installed isn’t clear.

DEW recently reaffixed the Park sign just outside Thompson Beach and a new temporary sign has been placed at the north side of the crossing informing drivers vehicle access is not permitted beyond that point. Unfortunately, some are ignoring it.

A team at UniSA are continuing to work on wording for interpretative signage for the Northern Walking Trail, part of the larger NWT project.

FAIBS Birding Event

A “Welcome The Waders” FAIBS event will be held on Oct. 20. Details on TBPA web site.

Sharon Clues

Sharon Clues has finished up with the TBPA and we thank her for her very significant contribution to the environment subcommittee and role in it being established. Sharon will be keeping up her enviro efforts through Wildlife and Coast Care Thompson Beach (WCCTB) – so there will be ongoing communication from Sharon with the TBPA.