TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – August/September 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of the activities of the TBPA Environment Subcommittee and related news since the August TBPA meeting (AGM).


The Federal Government has announced a Communities Environment Program to support small scale, community-led projects that address local environmental priorities in each electorate across Australia. The grants range from $2500 to $20,000. Applicants must be nominated by their local federal member. Warrick Barnes has offered to assist. Applications due October 10.

The Friends of Parks Inc. Board is administering annual on-park grants for 2019/20. Volunteer Support Grants are available to any community group for on-ground works/activities on DEW-managed land endorsed by DEW regional staff.  Grants of up to $5,000  for ‘on-ground works’ and up to $3,000 per ‘capacity building’ are available. Applications close October 12. 

NWT (Northern Walking Track) Works

UniSA will be carrying out works on the northern walking track (NWT), including revegetation and signage at points of interest, and have requested feedback. Feedback provided so far relates to ongoing monitoring/maintenance of plantings, prevention of vehicle access prior to works, fencing repairs, potential for a multi-lingual geo-sensitive app, plus a booklet (similar to southern walk).

NWT – Other

A vehicle has created a new track to circumvent the barrier at the NWT, creating significant damage to vegetation. DEW informed.

Further erosion at the crossing has seen some of the rocks recently placed at the end of the section of track dislodged. DEW informed.

The sign plan for the Northern Walk is being developed (DEW).

Erik Dahl (DEW) recently met with Warrick Barnes (APC) and others to peer review the Seascapes Program Plan for TB works. As soon as this is adopted, work will begin (outcome/ETA unknown).

Google has been contacted to update Google Maps to indicate Esplanade closure to vehicle traffic north of the park sign.

Speed Sign Replacement

Some “40” speed signs have been replaced around Thompson Beach with “40 Area” signs. A request has also been put in with Council (again) for a speed sign at the start of the final stretch of the Esplanade at the northern end.

Signage Re: Dogs On Beach

Council has been approached for signage at major beach access points indicating dogs must be kept on-leash. Sharon has also offered to print signs for use on beach access paths.

Sustainability Hub Interest

The subcommittee has been contacted by the Legatus Group re: interest in a planned sustainability/climate change hub project in the region. An introduction to the subcommittee has been forwarded and we’ve asked to be kept informed of progress.

New Subcommittee Member

We welcome Steve Jones to the TBPA environment subcommittee. In addition to his long tenure as an APC Councillor, over the years Steve has been very active on environmental issues in the area. We look forward to benefiting from his experience, knowledge and participation.