TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – July/August 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of the activities of the TBPA Environment Subcommittee  and related news since the July TBPA meeting.

The joint TBPA working bee and Friends of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) activity day occurred on July 14 in less than ideal weather conditions, but much was achieved. It was also an excellent networking opportunity for the two groups. The work focused on trail and track cleanup, along with some fence repair activities. A news item was posted to the TBPA web site the Saturday following, which FAIBS contributed. Thanks to the FAIBS and TBPA members who participated.

APC Works Plan
Warwick Barnes (APC) is continuing to develop a works plan for Thompson Beach for the financial year in consultation with Sharon. Among the items are weed control, fencing repairs assistance and revegetation.

Safety Sign Installed
A reflective end-of-road sign was installed by DEW at the new NVT barrier on Saturday, August 3.

Gate Removed
A DEW gate at the old quarry area was recently removed by parties unknown – DEW informed.

Vehicle Issues
Speeding and other forms of dangerous driving are an ongoing significant issue in the township and surrounds, posing a threat to humans, wildlife and the environment in general.

Among the various recent incidents, a young kangaroo was killed at the northern end of The Esplanade last month. The Department of Environment and Water (DEW) was informed. In another incident, a vehicle ploughed through a fence and into the dune conservation area on The Esplanade near Stint Avenue on the 20/21st of July. Circumstances unclear, police informed.

At least one serious bogging incident has occurred since the closure of the Northern Vehicle Track (NVT) on June 30, as drivers continue to access the Park area via the beach ramp. In that incident, the vehicle wound up in the channel at the crossing and was inundated. Two 4WDs were called in to retrieve the vehicle. DEW was made aware of the incident.

It’s hoped that when the Mallala police station is again staffed, inroads can be made into addressing driver behavior; particularly given vehicle activity will again increase in the months ahead.

Vandalism At Park Entrance
The DEW sign just north of the NVT barrier was destroyed on July 27. Some of the rocks forming the barrier were also moved. The young culprits were spoken to and the incident reported to DEW.

Dogs Off-Leash
Dogs off-leash around the town, particularly in the Park and beach areas, continue to be an issue. DEW is aware of the problem in the Park and is considering actions. Residents and visitors are reminded dogs not on private property in all parts of Thompson Beach and the Park area must be on a leash at all times.

Cat Issues
The subcommittee is continuing to pursue the development of a plan and action on managing stray, abandoned and feral cats in the Thompson Beach area, which pose a significant threat to local wildlife.

Farewell To Ian Falkenberg (DEW)
Ian Falkenberg has left DEW. Best wishes and thanks were extended to Ian for his support and advice over the years. Erik Dahl will continue to be our primary contact at DEW.