TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – May 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of the activities of the Thompson Beach Progress Association Environment Subcommittee since the April TBPA meeting.

Enviro-Related Grants

Warwick Barnes has enlisted Kirsty Darlaston to assist with the Grant application for the “Community Arts & Cultural Development Funding” and is in the process of setting up an initial meeting between all parties.

Easter Roo Safety Post

Emma Micklethwaite provided information and imagery relating to feisty kangaroos perhaps posing a safety risk to residents and visitors. A related news item was added to ThompsonBeach.sa.au

Beach And Access Path Cleanup/Maintenance Update

A working bee was organised for the 14th of April by Ian Telfer to attend to a couple of beach access paths requiring attention. Thanks to those who participated – Ian Telfer, Jeff Thomas and Jacqui Koerner (apologies if any names missed).

Emma Micklethwaite has compiled a list of all paths, their current status (where known) and who is looking after them (where known).

Where a path/section of beach has already been adopted, that work is ongoing. We’d like to include an invitation in the next Shorebirds for residents to participate, plus briefly introduce the subcommittee as the wider community may still not be aware of its existence as yet.

DEW – General And Northern Vehicle Track

DEW carried out compliance activities in Thompson Beach over the Easter long weekend. There were reports of dirt bike activity at the southern end of town, but the northern end was quiet in this regard during the period.

Signs were placed by DEW at the “crossing” at the northern end of Thompson Beach on the 14th of April; advising that access by vehicles onto the beach and shorebird habitat areas is prohibited and penalties apply. That sign and its star droppers went missing shortly afterwards and a new one was installed on April 20.

Also on April 20, a sign was installed at the beginning of the northern vehicle track advising of its closure to vehicles in mid-May 2019 as the area is a rare shorebird habitat. It mentions the walking trails are open and in development, and dogs are permitted on a lead.

On April 28, the DEW crossing sign was downed, but put back in place.

Now that signage has been installed, Sharon Clues is in discussion with Janine and Tammy (DEW) to coordinate messaging for our information brochures.

DEW also carried out repairs to damage to gate/fence leading into the old quarry area from 4WD’ers.

Other Issues

Instances of speeding significantly over the 40 limit and other forms of dangerous driving remain a safety and environmental issue. A log is being kept recording example incidents that will be submitted to Neighbourhood Watch at its next meeting for further discussion regarding next steps.

Campers with campfires have also become a problem lately – at least 3 instances over the past month in the Park area to the north. Consulting with DEW.

Dogs off leash in Park (and other) areas also continue to be a challenge. Again, consulting with DEW in relation to the Park.