TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – March 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

Since the last update, the subcommittee has been active in several discussions with various parties in relation to future potential activities and collaboration.

Adelaide Plains Council

Sharon Clues along with Mick Lewis met with Warwick Barnes, Coastal Conservation Officer at Adelaide Plains Council, on February 19 at The Shed.

Warwick is eager to work with the TBPA on environmental matters and will provide support on various aspects, including the pursuit of grants.

Warwick will be developing his works plan for next year in the coming few months. If the TBPA puts together a few strategic projects, he will work with the Association to ensure they align with his works plans, broader Council and other entities’ strategic plans.

Warwick also confirmed all foreshore area in front of housing along The Esplanade is Council responsibility.


During Feb/March, Michael Bloch arranged for Ian Falkenberg (DEW) along with Rangers Eric Dahl, Janine Kraehenbuehl and Tammy Leggett to attend the March 14 TBPA meeting to discuss the future management of Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park – Winaityinaityi Pangkara and related opportunities for the Thompson Beach community. *

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is being revived at Thompson Beach, which has tie-ins with environmental issues, particularly those related to driver behavior.

The subcommittee has been in regular contact with NW Coordinator Des Quin, and Sharon and Michael attended an informal meeting on Saturday, March 9. Neighbourhood Watch Supporter forms will be left at The Shed.

Beach Activities

Beach cleanup and beach access path maintenance activities are continuing at Thompson Beach in collaboration with Wildlife and Coast Care Thompson Beach (WCCTB), with view to expanding this beyond areas currently covered. A report has been prepared for inclusion in the next issue of Shorebirds that will outline the subcommittee’s work and request resident participation in these activities.


Sharon is continuing to develop documentation, promotional material and researching potential grants.

*- Further details of this discussion will be recorded in the TBPA March meeting minutes and published on this site when available.