TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – June/July 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of the activities of the TBPA Environment Subcommittee (currently consisting of Sharon Clues and Michael Bloch) and related news since the June TBPA meeting.


We are awaiting further information from Warwick Barnes (APC) regarding progress on the Arts Grant and feedback on whether the Coastal Protection Board grants are still available. However, an email from Warwick on July 8 indicates an Arts Grant project, should it go ahead, may be located in Dublin.

Northern Vehicle Track Closure Update

Fill was delivered to the northern end of The Esplanade on the 11th of June to repair parts of the northern vehicle track area south of the crossing damaged by vehicle use. Rocks for closing the entrance and northern end of this section of track were delivered on June 26. On June 30, cover fill was brought in along with earthmoving equipment. Fill was spread, rocks put into place and this section of track is now closed to vehicle traffic both ways.

The track remains open for pedestrian use. Through the work, a larger parking and turnaround area has been created at the entrance. Michael’s understanding is development of the walking track and rehabilitation of the area is still a work in progress.

DEW welcomes any feedback from the community on the works to date. Suggestions so far have included a reflective “end-of-road” sign may need to be placed at the entrance as a safety measure, moving of existing signage on the closed track (crossing end) and improvements made to pedestrian access at the southern end.

Mystery Of The Missing Red-Capped Plovers

For some time now, red-capped plovers – a resident shorebird – haven’t been spotted at the northern end of Thompson, right through to Bakers Creek. Emma Micklethwaite suggested it may be associated with the presence of kites, which had been frequenting the area in large numbers. At one point, 15 kites were observed sitting on the tidal flats near the crossing. This information has been communicated to DEW, who passed it on to Friends of Adelaide Bird Sanctuary.

FAIBs Activity Day/TBPA Working Bee

Erik Dahl (DEW) contacted Sharon C. during June to flag the Friends of Adelaide Bird Sanctuary (FAIBS) were looking to have their next activity day at Thompson Beach on July 14, which coincides with the next TBPA working bee. Erik asked whether the TBPA wished to be involved and for feedback or suggestions on potential activities. This was communicated to the TBPA committee by Sharon on June 20 and Sharon has been involved in other related communications since.

Feral Cat Traps

DEW has offered to purchase a couple of cage traps for Thompson Beach residents to use in the capture of feral and abandoned cats. Sharon C. and Michael B. will develop guidelines for the use of these traps, including where captured cats can be taken.

Sharon C is awaiting a call from Jenny at APC regarding possible guidelines and procedures.