TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – June 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

A summary of the activities of the TBPA Environment Subcommittee since the May TBPA meeting, submitted at the June 13, 2019 meeting.


Warwick Barnes (APC) advised he has around $5,000 in his budget for environmental projects at Thompson Beach in the upcoming financial year and suggested we should set up a meeting with DEW and the TBPA environment subcommittee to work through what we would like to achieve.

Fencing Materials

Warwick B. (APC) provided six star-droppers for beach path maintenance work and enquired if we need any wire or other materials for fencing repairs.

New Wildlife Sign

A new wildlife warning sign has been placed on Ruskin road facing traffic heading to Dublin. Sharon C. sent a note of thanks to Council.

Northern Vehicle Track Closure

Recent tide events have seen further significant erosion occur in the crossing area. DEW informed Michael B. works related to the northern vehicle track closure are to occur in the next few weeks.

Crossing Sign Theft

The large sign at the crossing stating vehicle access onto beach and shorebird areas is prohibited was stolen (again) during the period, along with the droppers securing it (again). This was replaced by Emma M. and Michael B. on May 25 by a sign previously provided by DEW. DEW informed of the latest theft.

Vegetation Dumping

There was an instance of vegetation/trellis and soil dumping in the Park area at the northern end of Thompson Beach during the period. Vegetation/trellis bale was then removed and placed beside the bin (subsequently placed in bin by Ian T.) and the soil is being monitored for weed growth. DEW informed.

Feral/Stray Cats

APC do not currently have a plan in place for feral/stray cats, however Jenny from APC is pushing to implement a plan that is currently running in QLD in conjunction with the RSPCA.

Sharon C successfully trapped three strays and took them to the RSPCA Lonsdale Shelter where they are being de-sexed, microchipped & vaccinated for rehoming.


The subcommittee would like to contribute an article for the upcoming issue of Shorebirds; to introduce the subcommittee, outline its activities and encourage participation/feedback.

Emma Micklethwaite

Sharon and Michael would like to thank Emma for her input into and support of the TBPA environment subcommittee. We look forward to continuing to work with Emma where the opportunity arises and wish her well in the time ahead.