TBPA Environment Subcommittee Report – February 2019

TBPA Environment Subcommittee

The Thompson Beach Progress Association (TBPA) Environment Subcommittee was formed at the TBPA general meeting on January 10, 2019 and at this point consists of Sharon Clues and Michael Bloch.

The goals of the subcommittee are to see appropriate resources, protections, action and support are in place or pursued in relation to addressing environmental issues at Thompson Beach.

Since forming, the subcommittee has met to discuss issues and recommended actions. A separate group, Wildlife and Coastal Care Thompson Beach (WCCTB) has also been formed that will work with the TBPA subcommittee as well as carry out its own projects.

Among the issues and recommended or current/ongoing actions:

– It has been reported a number of lizards have been trapped in the mesh fence protecting the coastal dune zone. The use of “lizard tunnels” may help avoid further deaths and injury. These would consist of either short lengths of poly pipe placed at regular intervals under/through the mesh or just small holes cut in the fence using a template to ensure standard sizing. From execution, aesthetics, access and maintenance viewpoints, cutting holes would be preferable.

– “Adopt A Beach Path” – residents will be encouraged to adopt a beach access path and help keep it clear of rubbish, branches and seagrass. 4 paths have already been adopted: Kestrel Crescent north, a path between Kestrel north and south entrances, Kestrel Crescent south and Plover Avenue. We’d like to record other paths currently being regularly maintained by residents.

– Beach cleanup – so far commitments have been made for weekly monitoring and cleanup for 3km of beach; stretching from Baker Creek in the north to the Ruskin Road car park area.

– The sausage sizzle van would be a great tool for raising environmental awareness as it serves hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of people a year. A leaflet could be provided with each meal promoting the TBPA, Thompson Beach generally and educating visitors about the area – and care of it.

– The goals of Neighbourhood Watch align with various environmental goals. We’d like to investigate how we can help support Neighbourhood Watch via the TBPA.

– Steve Peters (TBPA Public Officer) has created a community tools list, detailing residents who have tools they are willing to loan for environmental related work around town.

– Road signs have been created by Steve and Sharon, with input from Michael, to help encourage drivers to slow down (to be presented at meeting).

– Sharon Clues has been compiling a list of wildlife organisations for referrals/networking and also preparing base documentation for the pursuit of enviro-related grants.

– Dislodged tree guards are continuing to be collected to the north of the township in the park area.

– Lines of communication with DEW and Adelaide Plains Council are well-established and a Council requests register is being maintained by Sharon.

– The subcommittee would like to contribute an item for the Shorebirds newsletter each issue, as a single or double-sided add-in.

Further details on any of the above or other activities being undertaken by the subcommittee are available by contacting Sharon (sclues01@gmail.com) or Michael (michaelbloch@bigpond.com).