Bringing The YSS Butterfly Back To The Adelaide Plains

Yellowish Sedge Skipper Butterfly

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty are seeking volunteers to assist in efforts to reintroduce the Yellowish-Sedge Skipper (YSS) butterfly to the Adelaide Plains region.

This butterfly species is very particular – it only uses the sedge species Gahnia filum (Thatching Grass) to lay its eggs, which the larvae feed on and use for shelter until they metamorphosise into adult butterflies.

Once found along coastal and supratidal areas between West Beach and St Kilda and into the extended Adelaide coastal plains, the Yellowish-Sedge Skipper butterfly has not been sighted in these areas since 1985

While believed to be regionally extinct from the Adelaide coastal plains, populations are known to exist on southern Yorke Peninsula. 

With Natural Resources taking action to increase the prevalence of Thatching Grass in the Adelaide coastal plains; it has now become possible to consider reintroduction of the YSS back into specific coastal locations. This project involves volunteers working with a small team assisting staff in the collection of YSS larvae from the Yorke Peninsula, for release across 3-4 sites in the Adelaide coastal plains.

Spaces are limited to 5 -10 volunteers. If you wish to get involved then please register your interest by no later than 5pm on the May 17 2019.

Further background on the butterfly and the project, the tasks involved and registration of interest details can be found here.

(Image via Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty | Photo: Alex Stolarski)