Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary Virtual Tour

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary virtual tour

NRM Education recently launched the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary (AIBS) – Winaityinaityi Pangkara – Virtual Tour, which features Thompson Beach.

The online experience uses 360° photos (“photospheres”) to showcase the range of habitats and features that can be found within the Thompson Beach area and the wider AIBS.

Primarily created as a resource for educators to help student learning in the outdoors, it’s also a very interesting resource for visitors to and residents of Thompson Beach.

Each 360° photosphere features information regarding the site in question, links to further information and includes “provocation questions” to get viewers thinking about what they are seeing.

You can access the virtual tour here.

Natural Resources AMLR’s education program (NRM Education) works with schools to integrate sustainability principles into student learning, linking them to the Australian Curriculum.